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Activity Log

april 2019-------------------------

4/2/19: received altoclef14, blastia12, stalker05, catpuns06, miraizura17 from colors april fools 2019. received meribia01, gianthornet01, brusque13, gambling16, wolfman12, hitoriomou03, lockedin05, orbs10, ohmygosh20, thechariot17, kaminome10, slap14 from puzzle chains 106.

4/5/19: received controlled18, tottori17, pikohan07, newgen16, hakudan17, thing03, thaumaturge17, mahirunoyo18, superbeast20, bofu13, brandless19, oldest07, brown crayon, yellow crayon, orange crayon from crosswords 123.

4/6/19: received iyashikei12, scorch03, sewing09, chaldea11, bibliophile09, zeus17, police13 from booster bundle 44.

4/7/19: received catpuns10, restore10, restore11, catpuns12, restore16, blastia13, stalker16, blastia14, blastia17, blastia18, restore17, catpuns13 from little spell academia 55

4/9/19: received rose10, soothesayer17, tableware17, honorable14, gravy19, kazeshini08, longinus13, monado06, losttrust12, cute10, cyber614, soccer01, shrimp11, converted10, osmanthus06, green crayon from seiyuu guess 380. received bananasushi11, dcn-02909, adorable16, camembert03, crescendo03, chitcht06 from seiyuu guess 381. received lorasia15, violence17, dog-like03, precious20, candles14, narcissist12 from seiyuu guess 383. received chiwawa13, blueknights10, boilerroom08, pinky06, blastia05, deliveries10 from seiyuu guess 384. received programmer08, swan04, books04, camerawoman04, coldblooded13, annihilate06, alltrades20, number2304, snowflower10, china17, incite05, cureetoile03, green crayon from seiyuu guess 385. received illusions14, reserved16, hawkeyes20, highjump08, dominance17, jupiter12 from seiyuu guess 386. turned in super18 for lavender03, paladienne11, interface16, zombie03, feather04, progrock05 from coloring book 196. received purple crayon, green crayon from puzzle chains 106. received brown crayon, purple crayon from puzzle chains 104. received green crayon, red crayon from puzzle chains 105. received meteorswarm11, snipe05 from coloring book 192. received soulburner15, dragonpact10 from coloring book 194.

4/11/19: leveled up to cheetah. received blastia19, hanikami03, tenjiryuu13, mixcoatl04, joajna11, brown crayon from leveling up.

4/12/19: received mahirunoyo12, moderator14, pig14, gasmask09, rallyingcry12, cradle08, igaclan20, firstfolio01, fimbulvetr04, uphim09, nyanperona19, prosecute08 from ibuki's songs 30.

4/14/19: received catpuns14, himegimi12, himegimi13, restore01, himegimi14, stalker18, restore02, mermaids01, catpuns15, himegimi15, catpuns17 from little spell academia 56. took otter11, misery02 from march release.

4/15/19: turned in archers17, begnion20, bikinis11, bionis02, bionis03, boxweapon05, brothers09, captains03, changshan16, chernabog17, chibipuri16, circus05, cooltype07, crossveins03, cutlass09, ddr05, dragonrage03, dragonrage07, fisticuffs11, fisticuffs14, fisticuffs15, flowers08, freckled09, fukujun04, gamevil04, gamevil11, gensokyo18, gnosis01, gnosis03, gnosis07 for guertena08, guertena11, guertena13, guertena14, guertena15, guertena16, guertena17, guertena19, millenia02, millenia04 at art studio.

4/16/19: received pebble19, marksechs15, goodluck10, eternia06, troy04, curbstomp12, forklift11, panda09, drunk18, mononoke17, bamboo12, serena05 from help miss kamila 200. received copy06, capricorn11, eldest03, virginbride09, libra17, lavaorb16, esp09, eaglegazer17, rhongomyniad16, ohana02, beatcall04, ghost06, see13, kcpd01 from pick a color 175. received scissor15, gundo11, govenor07, neesan16, open09, lottery13, safety09, tianzi01, liquor19, eggplant19, lovelorn09, admire11, happiness07, aoizone18, fabulous17, drumisland04, spunquel09, force16 from pick a color 176. received inventing18, gloomy16, holyposes04, thetower19, violin15, boxingring13, mushroom07 from booster bundle 45.

4/18/19: received intensity11, dancer18, demon08, patch11, language15, closedclock12, forklift06, bookeater04, festival11, whipsmack01, poisonsting13, mesmerizing12, ghostwriter02, shades06, kirinfang16, unafraid18, nitoryu01, bodybuilding14, barrier06, undiscovered15, catpuns18, himegimi16, himegimi17, himegimi18, green crayon, red crayon, orange crayon from mod pay march-april.

4/21/19: received himegimi19, stalker08, boogiepop09, boogiepop10, misty13, himegimi20, stalker09, stalker14, stalker15, stalker20, restore04 from little spell academia 57.

4/23/19: received superbeast19, believe02, soft19, fairy17, ikuoot04, oldlion06, crusnik09, foundyou10, hakama10, blocker15, returns02, praetor17 from puzzle chains 110.

4/25/19: received espgame01, verses03, ritsu05, float09, misty06 from release.

4/26/19: received overpower10, newworld13. pasttunnel07, fate02, frozenheart20, eyes08, romipaku07 from booster bundle 46. received blue crayon, brown crayon from puzzle chains 110.

4/27/19: received bag01, uranus10, formalcraft10, support18, throat10, childlike16, irides01 from booster bundle 47.

4/29/19: received chrysalis06, flowersong14, cheerful06, role02, wish11, berrybell16 from seiyuu guess 389. received dreamworld04, swords01, metroline19, hatched14, financial10, wakawaka06, charisma04, graveryl02, dresses16, jakob05, ahsha18, raijinshuu03, kutanagi15, crossveins19, lucky12, maracas17, affair17, anterograde02, purple crayon from seiyuu guess 390. received protected15, clock17, castle07, black10, maguskiller05, chemist14 from seiyuu guess 391.

may 2019-------------------------

5/1/19: received meddling12, albion10, secondroom11, kicks18, gymnast17, atmosphere16, gero19, theend11, telepathy04, medabot01, dokkanpunch04, arcadia06, gray crayon from puzzle chains 111. received thecrows03, millenia05, millenia07, millenia12, millenia13, fogdoor01, chalice03, millenia15, thecrows04 from little spell academia 58. received bravior02, bravior19, business10, chuunibyou08, chuunibyou09, chuunibyou10, chuunibyou12, chuunibyou13, decision01, decision09, ghosts03, ghosts08, ghosts11, house01, house08, house15, millenia17, mobage04, mobage06, mobage17, thecrows06, thecrows19, tsukumogami06 from recycled art.

5/2/19: turned in portalstone18 for nekomimi10, chastiefol07, cosmobeauty12, gsleague12, phoenix05, road16 from coloring book 197. turned in graffiti17 for just20, native09, road11, fuukan18, newbie13, stickler06 from coloring book 197. received charmkiss07, codename01, thresher11, deputy20, streetgang02, righthand06, handmaid19, might09, exceed04, analyzation12, altmile20, yorha16 from shiki's quilting 18.

5/4/18: received bigisland18, ushiushi14, pushy16, attractive19, february05, piano19, shades13 from booster bundle 48. received windom07, ddr06, action04, conclusions16, androphobia02, airblast14, radio12, myths04, magun08, teacup11, lhantmanor20, purple crayon, gray crayon, blue crayon from crosswords 125.

5/5/19: received restore05, restore06, restore07, restore08, miraizura01, bonfire07, float10, bonfire08, bonfire09, maidcafe01 from little spell academia 59. received saberkiller08, crescendo15, progrock08, hotmilk12, impromptu05, animusphere10, code21409, starbeat16, gohouring06, ohana02 from no context theater 110. received misery19, flowersong07, mechanizing18, carnival10, crescendo02, neofantasy02, election12, wrecking04, 18plus19, totaldrag16 from no context theater 111. received bajiquan17, taikodrums14, piper08, blackbomber07, worldwide08, deputy06, ishgard19, union04, candybullet12, stungun09 from no context theater 112. received whitebomber07, bliss17, mechanizing04, code66618, rashoumon17 from no context theater 113. received tarasque03, publishing04, drunkenfist01, pheromones06, rhongomyniad08 from no context theater 114. received husbands14, far-flier12, samadhi01, aikane20, blacksheep17 from no context theater 115. received greenvale05, lightclub01, femprotags09, halloween05, eyepatches01, yuri06, idolclub03, waterelmt19, rollout08, cutlass07, pre-skip19, capitalism18 from deck lover 165. received koryuji11, makos18, ponytail13, yellow20, crossdressf04, archers01, archers03, lucavi07, mooncell01, darkside01, thunderbolt10, palicoes13 from deck lover 166. received mythicals20, christmas02, ikuoot04, crossdressf10, centurio16, changshan16 megaten04, specials18, sakamoto16, 3-a02, dragon-type07, oaktree02 from deck lover 167. received sugitan07, microbes11, sports04, watergun14, mythicals01, world01 from deck lover 168. received prophecy06, femaleidols13, nohr08, illegal15, ldc07, gensokyo10 from deck lover 169.

5/6/19: turned in 8 yellow crayons, 3 blue crayons, 10 green crayons, 10 purple crayons, 3 brown crayons for bonfire12, bonfire16, bonfire17, myshin01, myshin02, myshin04, myshin05, myshin07, myshin08, myshin15, myshin16, producer02, producer05, producer07, producer09, producer13, producer14, producer15, producer17, producer18, producer20, misty02, misty03, misty04, mountfuji05, mountfuji06, mountfuji07, mountfuji08, mountfuji09, mountfuji10, mountfuji11, mountfuji12, mountfuji13, mountfuji14 at art shop. turned in rift16, rift18, robots07, rollout17, romipaku14, runes15, saga11, sakamoto14, sakamoto16, sakurait10, sakurait13, secretrealm13, selphia05, selphia14, shades06, sinnoh10, sinnoh17, sisters16, sisters19, soldiers07, soldiers19, soulunion18, special18, spellcaster10, spellcaster11, sports06, sports10, squad42216, squad42218, stands05 for millenia16, millenia18, millenia20, mobage02, mobage03, mobage05, mobage08, mobage09, mobage10 at art studio. leveled up to panther. received ritsu12, cannoneer06, abel02, skyworld12, saints18, gray crayon from leveling up. mastered altoclef. received myshin17, labcoat08, pokken03, blue crayon for mastering. mastered blastia. received bonfire18, helpful13, swordplay02, brown crayon from mastering. mastered catpuns. received bonfire19, marion14, curescarlet05, blue crayon from mastering. mastered himegimi. received misty17, legal02, puppets14, gray crayon from mastering. mastered restore. received misty18, stories12, icedland11, purple crayon from mastering. mastered myshin. received misty19, scavenger11, socialclub04, blue crayon from mastering. mastered producer. received misty20, goron03, reserve16, gray crayon from mastering. mastered mountfuji. received honorable01, curiosity18, crook17, brown crayon from mastering. mastered bonfire. received honorable02, publishing08, fraxinus12, orange crayon from mastering. mastered misty. received honorable03, isuppose07, iceflower16, yellow crayon from mastering. mastered guertena. received mobage13, practice02, providence02, ayesir11 gray crayon, purple crayon for mastering. mastered millenia. received mobage14, curerhythm03, machinery04, telepathic14, purple crayon from mastering. turned in partner20 for express01, visualnovel19, election14, kawasumi10, restraint15, keepon12 from coloring book 198.

5/7/19: received kanegasaki10, likable06, uma01, canterlot17, redeyes07, island03 from seiyuu guess 392. received kerberous06, bluescarf19, sakamoto18, wishes20, slaughter20, hoteldusk07 from help miss kamila 202. received arrows02, bearhound10, ballet12, voltage01, coexistence08, major17, iai20, combat08, godstongue19, 400years03, hadoukyuu10, border01, purple crayon from puzzle chains 112.

5/9/19: mastered stalker. received miraizura02, aeons09, lunarbase05, gray crayon from mastering.

5/13/19: received miraizura20, mobage18, mobage19, tarotcards13, leblanc13, tarotcards15, vigilante20, leblanc12, leblanc11, miraizura15, miraizura14 from little spell academia 60. received explode04, g-6003, husbands18, undefeated11, sunrune17, whatapain12, mflove09 from booster bundle 49.

5/16/19: received highpeak19, yamabuki02, etoile12. rabbit15, nee-san19, mossdeep02 from seiyuu guess 393. received awkward18, loveless04, daein01, forkball04, yukiatsu10, hostility13, suna-suna06, eponassong12, clones01, curesword17, serve07, dragonhead03, witness03, redclan15, friedeggs09, whitebomber17 from pick a color 177.

5/17/19: received patience01, varnani10, twosides07, kasarelia17, all-purpose17, just12, meromero06, caster12, marionette01, utahime18, rayearth04, medicine03 from shiki's quilting 119.

5/20/19: received ritsu06, ritsu07, ritsu14, leblanc06, kritya01, kritya02, bassclef06, ritsu15, leblanc02, insignia08, leblanc03, ritsu16, ritsu17 from little spell academia 61.


6/2/19: received tarotcards01, leblanc08, tarotcards03, leblanc09, leblanc10, tarotcards04, miraizura06, vigilante01, islero20, pious03, miraizura09, kritya03, mirazura11, tarotcards06, honorable04, miraizura12 from little spell academia 62.

6/9/19: received honorable05, tarotcards07, honorable06, honorable07, miraizura13, honorable08, tarotcards08, honorable09, islero02, honorable10, honorable11, tarotcards09 from little spell academia 63.

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